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Candidates for Illinois Statewide Offices Spend Big in Q4 2017

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Top Contested Races for Illinois General Assembly

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Chamber District Total Candidates Candidates Total Funds in Race
House 82nd 4 Jim Durkin (i), Tom Chlystek, Elyse Hoffenberg, Mickey Straub $1,897,882.36
House 28th 3 Robert "Bob" Rita (i), Mary Carvlin, Kimberly Koschnitzky $1,000,491.18
House 113th 2 Jay Hoffman (i), Douglas Jameson $976,333.13
House 77th 2 Kathleen Willis (i), Anthony Airdo $831,694.06
House 72nd 2 Michael Halpin (i), Glen Evans Sr. $789,225.34
House 55th 2 Martin "Marty" Moylan (i), Marilyn Smolenski $765,666.58
House 91st 2 Michael Unes (i), Carolyn Blodgett $734,056.29
Senate 48th 3 Andy Manar (i), Christopher Hicks, Seth McMillan $689,493.27
House 19th 2 Robert F. Martwick, Jr. (i), Ammie Kessem $682,840.51
House 98th 3 Natalie Manley (i), Alyssia Benford, Christian Egwunwoke $671,679.08

Party Funds in Illinois

Funds available for top Democratic and Republican political parties in Illinois, updated daily

Democratic State Party Committees
Committee Name Cash on Hand
Democratic Party of Illinois $5,227,476.72
Democratic Majority $3,695,842.60
Friends of Michael J Madigan $3,474,206.40
Senate Democratic Victory Fund $1,209,096.88
Citizens for John Cullerton for State Senate $622,739.12
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Republican State Party Committees
Committee Name Cash on Hand
Citizens for Rauner, Inc $55,645,670.81
House Republican Organization $3,136,933.96
Republican State Senate Campaign Committee $1,537,670.15
Illinois Republican Party $652,044.60
Brady for Senate Inc $553,583.45
Citizens for Durkin $485,810.65

Recent Political Donations

Top donations to Illinois political committees in the last 7 days, updated daily

Donor Amount Recipient
Christopher G. Kennedy $250.00K Kennedy for Illinois
Associated Fire Fighters of IL PAC Fund $55.40K Illinois Democratic Heartland Committee
Associated Fire Fighters IL PAC $50.40K Senate Democratic Victory Fund
House Republican Org $50.00K Illinois House Victory Fund
Illinois Principals Association (Dues) $40.00K The Alliance PAC (IL Assn of School Administrators/IL Principals Assn)
Committee for Good Government $35.00K Democratic Party of Illinois
Committee for Good Government $35.00K Democratic Majority
Committee for Good Government $30.00K Friends of Michael J Madigan
Friends for Marty Moylan for State Representative $30.00K Daniel Didech Campaign Committee
House Republican Organization $25.00K Get Illinois Right PAC

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Top Earners last 30 days, updated daily

Political committees operate by receiving donations, transfers and loans from people, organizations, and other committees. Here's who's raised the most money in the last month.

Rank Committee New funds
1 Citizens for Rauner, Inc +$2,538,450.58
2 Kennedy for Illinois +$797,290.85
3 Biss for Illinois +$673,055.82
4 Illinois Republican Party +$650,000.00
5 Laborers' Political Action and Education League +$525,121.27
6 Laborers' Political League - Great Lakes Region +$522,052.35
7 INCS Action Independent Committee +$473,000.00
8 Raoul for Illinois +$471,748.67
9 Friends of Scott Drury +$454,651.00
10 Democratic Majority +$454,200.00

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Top Political Committees highest current funds, updated daily

Political committees must report their current funds, along with donations and expenditures every quarter. Here's the committees that have the most investments and cash on hand.

Rank Committee Current funds
1 Citizens for Rauner, Inc $55,645,670.81
2 JB for Governor $7,858,744.41
3 Laborers' Political Action and Education League $5,789,733.77
4 Democratic Party of Illinois $5,227,476.72
5 Democratic Majority $3,695,842.60
6 Friends of Michael J Madigan $3,474,206.40
7 House Republican Organization $3,136,933.96
8 Biss for Illinois $3,125,892.87
9 Illinois PAC for Education (IPACE) $2,764,319.28
10 Friends of Edward M Burke $2,512,611.01

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Tracking Political Donations by month and year

The chart below shows political donations since 1994. Hover over a month to see total donations and transfers during that time period. To see total donations and transfers by year, decrease the size of your browser window until you see dark green bars.


Illinois Sunshine is a tool by the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform for browsing political contributions in the state of Illinois.

The data comes from the Illinois State Board of Elections, which has been collecting this data electronically since 1994. We built Illinois Sunshine to give journalists, activists and citizens better access to and documentation for this data.

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